Unplug & Play

CUE is a lifestyle hotel of choice for the independent modern traveler.

For those who appreciate playful environments, vibrant design, and escapist social interaction CUE puts them at the center of the scene. Today’s aspirational traveler looks for hotel experiences that deliver unexpected surprises while providing a level of engagement and inspiration that seem as rich as the location destination itself. Conceived to transport and transform, CUE Hotels stand for Happy Chic. As much a destination as they are an escape, CUE Hotels extend an invitation to step into a sensory wonderland.

Here guests will find pops of color at every turn, quirky touches, and bright flavors designed to entice and delight. This is where visceral memories are made and human connections are ignited.

It is said that CUE Podgorica is by far the most inspiring place to stay in town.

CUE Podgorica encourages you to discover this destination’s beneath-the-radar delights and sparking connections between travellers from different cultures. This is a stimulating environment that invites you to open, break from the virtual and dive into the real.

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